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Life happens. Furniture is where it happens. Furniture as unique as your family.


At first it started out late nights after my normal job as a way to help provide for my family. Soon after, it became the thing I wanted to do more than something I had to do. It was my passion and way of life versus an income.


I followed my passion to bring it to you and your family. 

My dream is to make your dream or vision a reality through these one of a kind handcrafted pieces.

Help me to replace mass production with handcrafted excellence. Let me put your dream piece, made to perfection, in your home.

You have gone to many lengths to build a beautiful house. Filling it with mass production does not create your vision. Now, let me build your vision so you can turn your house into a home.

Everyone deserves a piece of handcrafted furniture in their home. My passionate pieces forged from your vision is what you need.

We believe in creating high quality pieces that will last a lifetime. From custom furniture to our popular hair pin legs, we only use the best material. We hand pick every piece of steel, every slab of wood, for every single order. If something isn't right, we will redo it until it is. We welcome any and all unique ideas you have that we can help you bring to life.

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